Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 12/3/09

This will be the last edition of Look At My Briefs before my birthday this Monday. To celebrate this fact, I present to you another edition of my brief comments on various subjects called Look At My Briefs.

Good Lord, Twilight 3 is coming out IN JUNE? At least with the last one we had a year to decompress. I see the Earth swallowing up the world's movie theaters ran than allow Eclipse to be set loose on the world so soon. Even worse news is that the director is the same guy who made the boring 30 Days of Night. Oh well, they haven't even started working on Breaking Dawn, one of the craziest things ever put on paper, so we'll have a nice, long Twilight break after June.

I think Zombieland was a case of lightning in a bottle but I'm happy to see a sequel is being made and will be equally happy if my "lighting in a bottle" comment is proven wrong.

Of all the things in the world to get pissed off about, whether a movie star's daughter wears high heels is on the same level as having a complete meltdown because a piece of the Colonel's Original Recipe found its way into your bucket of Extra Crispy. Seriously, world, get over yourselves. You're not better people because Suri Cruise wears heels and your kid doesn't.

I had planned to comment on this but everything I wrote eventually turned into "HOT GIRLS SCREWING WOO HOO" so I shall leave it alone.

I'm happy to see I'm not the only who noticed that Scyfyie's new show Haven is based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid in the same way that Little Women could be described as being based on The Colorado Kid.

I have no idea what they had to choose from but I find it hard to believe that the Sundance people couldn't find some lighter films. Indie comedies can be wonderful things but I suspect that both the people in charge of selecting these movies as well as the filmmakers themselves find depressing drama to be more "important" than comedies which are more difficult to make. If they weren't, why are there so few good ones? Hold your loved ones close if they're heading to Sundance this year as there's a better than average chance they'll slash their wrists before the festival is over.

I'm really looking forward to next summer's release of Iron Man 2: The Squeaquel.

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