Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Saturday

The first paragraph of this is possibly the shittiest endorsement of a television show I've ever seen. Please note that the guy actually wants you to watch the show. A "different comedic approach" seems to mean, "Let's not actually be funny."


Dan Coyle said...

Oh, that made my head hurt. You know what, Mike? I think S.T. Karnick is a very, very, VERY lonely guy.

I will note that The Middle is shockingly tolerable and even enjoyable for a show where the camera is pointed at Patricia Heaton for an extended period of time. She's still unpleasant- you get the feeling she hates her own children- but tolerable.

Michael Clear said...

So Patricia Heaton is taking a "standard comedic approach" of actually putting jokes into her sitcom? We may as well be living in the 50s.