Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I've Learned From Watching Movies Part 77

Nothing packs people into theater seats better than a surprise ending.

No matter how hard we try, we'll never be able to design a robot who doesn't try to figure out what it is to be this thing called...human.

Proof that there really, truly is no God.

At this point, movie studios will make damn near anything so long as it has a vampire in it.

Actually having a plot that is a true story is not a prerequisite for calling your movie a true story.

Allow creepy strangers to enter your home. What's the worst that could happen?

America is fully prepared if we're invaded by a country populated entirely by goats.

It's okay if billions die as long as one douchebag family survives.


FM said...

When I first heard of the Astro Boy movie, my first thought was, 'God, I hope it's not live-action'. Perhaps fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Unfortunately my second thought was 'I hope it's not CG, either', so my hopes are still not high. After all, the last American remake of the American version of a 60s Japanese cartoon was Speed Racer, and I think we all remember how that turned out...or would if anyone watched it.

Speed Racer toys are still lining the shelves of pretty much every toy store I look in, so I can't imagine why they're taking this risk again. That said, it's possible this one could be good so I'll wait and see on that one.

Michael Clear said...

I'm neutral on Astro Boy. The animation looks cool in the commercials but that means nothing.

Pauline said...

A blast from the past.