Friday, October 9, 2009

Look At My Briefs -- 10/9/09

Ah, Friday. Today I cool down from arguing with right wingers and venting at foreigners. The best way to do that is to whip up another edition of brief comments on various subjects called Look At My Briefs.

Really, if there's anything that can take a Predator remake and turn it into a full on, balls-to-the-wall action film that's enjoyable on an epic level, it's adding Adrien Brody and Topher Grace to the cast.

Judging mainly by the fact that the movie has what I think are top quality actors, I was looking forward to Couple's Retreat but now...Wow! That's actually down from the first time I looked at it. Looks like this might be the week to see Zombieland again.

There's a rumor that a sequel to Showgirls is in the works. I can't see a chance in hell that this will work. The world will simply not accept new Showgirls content that doesn't have the original cast. That should have been obvious.

Can we all admit now that the Red Dawn remake will suck and only be enjoyed by men with tiny penises who see themselves on the front lines defending America against a foreign invasion when, in fact, half of them would turn collaborator while the other half would just piss themselves and die?

Once again, we see that there's really no such thing as bad publicity as long as you spell the name right. David Letterman's confession of his affairs and the blackmail that resulted from it actually boosted his ratings. Showing that the other talk show hosts now know that they have to bring this to a new level in order to compete, look for Conan O'Brien to confess to a gay affair with a male ocelot while Jimmy Kimmel says that he took his love of the environment to an extreme level by digging a hole and sticking his penis into it.

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